We finally are getting marijuana out of the closet. I have been in club med almost fifty years. Since I was ten, stealing Vodka from our parents and cigarettes I could buy anywhere. I started pot at twelve to stop smoking tobacco and quit constant alcohol in my twenties and didn't smoke tobacco for nine years. Have not done crack or heroin because I saw friends on it (bad scene). Marijuana users, we have had to deal with countless decades and centuries of discrimination and prejudice. Not fun and no good will, will come from that.
Like anything else, when drug like if its not for you don't do it. End of story.
Now science is looking for discernment as they stumble through the complexity of the molecules in Cannabis. They very much want to synthesize it and constantly are attempting to replicate it. No pill, so far. Many use pot for pain and glaucoma but it should do the opposite and increase pain because dropping lower dopamine levels permits more pain perception.
I know a community of regular pot smokers that are all successful long term employed or self employed, house owners, successful at parenting tax payers. One thing is for sure pot after a few hours will make you sleepy and some fall asleep immediately after smoking it. The paranoia is more like an adjustment to a new environment like being on a Ferris Wheel and for some a roller coaster. It is very short lived experience that usually stops in twenty minutes max. Roller Coaster feeling people stop smoking pot. Obviously marijuana alters brain chemistry and its complexity of altering is anything goes for now including dopamine levels, the Cannabis effects, likely the brain signals to body glands that change excretions and absorption. There is so much more to research on level changes and absorption after smoking pot.
Lazy from pot, personally I have never met anyone. Lazy and smoke pot, now those I have met and leave them, gone, out of my life. They are bummers, dumb and numb. Never been my life style, lazy on pot. Lazy people have many excuses, and one of them, its the pot's fault. We call smoking it inspiration and for twenty years it has been my pain killer opiate illegally.
I really liked your article. You admit you had bad experiences from this group (many strains of Cannabis to treat different diseases) of drug that bounces around to where its at, a depressant when you have none and a psychoactive drug when you smoke it again. Thanks for the article, better than most I've read.