I have several observational comments on cannabis use. There are the youngsters that use it to 'get high' as an escape from the suppressive environments that they exist within. There are those that use it for there mental health issues to alleviate anxieties - and the users that I am aware of are very aware of the potential for paranoia and carefully limit their use. And there are those who choose to use it as a lifestyle choice as opposed to alcohol. The adult users that I am aware of, whether they have received a mental diagnosis or not, are very politically aware and also very creative. Unfortunately we still adhere to a materialist reductionist scientific model and constantly assume that the genes have all the answers. We stigmatize 'pot' users due to the ignorant non-scientifc propaganda that was dispersed over 100 years ago and have a societal consensus that 'drug' use is bad - strange that doesn't apply to alcohol which is possibly the most detrimental drug that exists and is still legal. You talk of the carrot and stick model, mainly relying on the carrot - perhaps some users have decided that they don't like carrots? The paradigm you are describing is so passe - but mainstream science is lagging behind.