I had never been around pot, or anyone who used it, until I was in my late teens, and never tried it until I met my ex-husband when we were both 21. He had apparently started using it around age 11, and I tried it a couple times at age 21. He and all his friends ended up like the classic stoner stereotype....couldn't care about anything if they tried. They just want more lounging around with pot, beer, and pizza. They don't care how many jobs they lose over it. I tried it several times and had no effect at all, until I tried LSD. That had an effect, and pot affected me after that. However, after having tried several things, I decided the druggie life just wasn't for me, gave it up, and moved on. It was pretty motivating to hear that before we got married, he'd been through several jobs because he "couldn't find anything he really liked", and after we got married, he had "lost 13 jobs due to his drug problems". Interesting shift in the story, there.