This article is written as if it applies to everyone who uses weed. It is only one person's experience - the author's.

After 30 years smoking cannabis I embarked on a university degree course. With no qualifications to speak of, I did 4 years of full time study as a mature student whilst working full time and bringing up 2 demanding teenagers. I ended up with a 2/1 BSc Hons in Human Biology in 2005. I did every lecture stoned ( Not the laboratory work), I did every exam stoned after a night shift on occasions and still have excellent recall of the work I studied. So I refute the idea that you are unmotivated if you are a stoner. I also now work full time and run a small business that requires a huge amount of enthusiasm and motivation.... I smoke cannabis every day and have done for nearly 40 years. I would prefer not to smoke tobacco but vaping doesn't do it for me. Presently I have sciatica. Mostly it is painful for 50 % of any 24 hours - as soon as I smoke weed the pain is relieved and I can continue with my life.