You've proved my point...

"Everyone" (including you, me, and the newest of the new hires), can see the problems around them. Everyone, just like you, is saying "that doesn't mean that the issues I do see are invalid." And they (and you) want to offer their solution to the problems. But they can't until they become a manager. When they do, they institute their solutions. And then they find out (maybe a year or two later) that their solution creates other problems.

It is a cycle. I didn't say that I had a solution to it. I only suggested that the cause for disengagement is a feeling that we know better than those around us how to fix things. And that is human nature. So we'll always have people that disagree with our solutions when we have the power to change things.

One of the reasons I read this web site, is that I'm looking for a novel solution to make things go easier in society. Unfortunately, the articles like this one, are just a rehash of a previous solution that fails every time: socialism. It is dressed up differently every time to make it appear unique and novel, but it is the same beast underneath.

BTW, I don't know your history... So you're technically correct when you said I don't know you. But I know your personality type. On my web site, I call your temperament the "warrior."

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