This article made me feel really sad that a family of psychologists think it is ok to demoralise so many people's life experiences. The complexities between an individual and a couple can never be separated into 4 categories. I just do not share such a narrow minded view of human behaviour.
It is alarming that someone claims they are qualified to say 'fantasy love' exists. Is this in comparison to his own 'real love' in relationships? Does your father think his own expriences of love were genuine and better? How very disrespectful. It is also disappointing that to justify these thoughts, a psychologist then puts them into a category that labels them. It's like 'ah yes, that is typical behaviour of a malfunctioning subject with an avoided attachment'.
Such categories make it easy to dismiss individual experiences and treat them as insignificant; the person has a dysfunctional attachment, that's as good as it gets for them.
This is a very poor article and a disappointing school of thought in my opinion. What has the health industry become if it seeks to analyse negatively how a person functions.
Each and every single person has experiences that are real to them. They should never be dismissed or analysed in a derogatory manner that will make them feel like a silly child playing at being in love.