This guy and how many like him on internet websites playing their emotional games. You forgot about something honey... You should be celebrating your ass off that you were not good enough for this dipwit to corrupt cause even though you’re confused and emotionally distraught you avoided much worse getting actually physically involved with him! It was a nightmare train and you got left at a stop. Rejoice. I know it’s hard these things make no sense cause your mindset makes it impossible for you to comprehend such behaviour or to fathom the mechanisms behind it but count your blessings on this one most like this man child in shining armor would have got you pregnant feigning their undying love before abandoning you completely and still others would do the same but also mess around and psychologically destroy the child too. You are blessed. Love yourself because that is of the essence. Oh.... and...... here’s a quote to think about in dating and relationships “ If someone loves you it should feel like they love you”. That provides clarity to many immersed in bad relationships. If it doesn’t feel like that or things feel not quite right can’t put your finger on it then that’s your intuition honey listen to it please. Good luck.