Guys should get them, yes. But it's not a game-changer in general though. But it will make you "win a hand" in certain deals here and there.

(1) You don't want them super-tall giving you over 3.5". For a shorter guy, that's going to be a Big difference any time he has to take off his shoes if he's close to 4" or even more. The 3.5" inches should be MAX, but if so, he should be wearing shoes that are also more around 2.5".

(2) Although those sound really high, athletic shoes actually raise you around 2" with the padding, air bubbles, etc. Many shoes nowadays have a slight heel for guys, etc. So don't go for super-low "height increasing" shoes, as you'll notice that you could get regular shoes that do roughly the same amount without having to pay more.

2.5" (running around town doing errands etc) - 3.5" (going out on the town, dates)

They come in variations in-between, too.

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