I’m 58 now, I’m also 5’8” and I’ve had a lot of dating success with women, but not particularly with marriage. I think I’m above average looking, (I’m certainly not bad looking) and some people call me handsome. I keep myself in shape. I’m not flashy, or trendy. I’m not rich, although I’m a hard worker and have always done ok financially. Worked for others, when I was younger, but mostly had my own businesses.
As I look back, an advantage I had was that I was into things that women like, or like to do.
Since my 20’s I’ve always been into exercise, yoga, cooking, and the outdoors. I worked as a massage therapist for 5 years, and there’s no better line at a bar than mentioning that, to go home with woman and have her take her clothes off. Bingo.
I also taught yoga classes, and natural foods cooking classes. Men are usually outnumbered ten to one, so your odds, if you’re not a dick, are awesome. Even massage school is at least an 8-2 or 7-3 women to men ratio.
I also crewed on a big sailboat for a couple of years, so single women on vacation were always looking for a good time.
Married life is very different. Women aren’t into having you go off in the evenings to massage or teach classes to mostly women.
I got into construction and did very well at that, and even built and remodeled several homes, while raising several children. Women like a guy that can build, repair, fix, etc. The sex usually fades as children and work take precedence.
I found it hard to transition from casual, short term sexual relationships to married life. Having too much success with bedding down women can be a major disadvantage to marriage.
I find that most women are incredibly self absorbed, insecure and dependent. Even if they are good at some things, and capable of making a decent income, they seem to be socially programmed to look for “someone to take care of them”...
My advice? Keep doing your thing. Whatever you like to do, love to do, and want to do, DO THAT. Figure out a way to make a living at it. Before you get into a long term relationship. And stay away from women, in general, unless they really are kind, selfless, and caring, hopefully, someone like you.
Especially don’t fall for very pretty women, period. They are mostly self absorbed, self serving and looking for a sucker to support them. And they’re used to getting their way.
And the biggest trap I fell into was trying to make a woman happy. You can’t. Only they can figure that out, by pursuing their own passions and interests.
Clear as mud? Yeah. It’s not easy.
If you’re still young, stay away from women, and focus on your work, career, friends, hobbies and pastimes. Take it from a guy that has chased pussy, and had a lot of problems because of it.

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