I was touched by your comment. I have been thinking a lot about how I think of myself and others in terms of good and bad and all kinds of things like "insensitive" cruel exc. I just can't get out of it. I started to recently think "WHO AM I?" because i just got confused. Am i an angel? no even though some people said I was. I think we don't chose how we act. Still I have trouble understanding even myself. I wonder if its because I am angry or uncomfortable or doubt some parts of myself -like i might subconsciously feel worthless. I get so angry at injustices in the world. i wonder, why ? I mean to me it logically makes sense-these big companies doing lots of damage. However if I were to think about let's say a child who hit his brother with a rock because he was angry, I would say i would be less angry at him. I guess I would try to figure out what is wrong, or at least be curious about the boys past.

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