I stumbled upon this article in a search as I'm trying to understand why it is I've forever needed the validation, particularly of men to feel self worth. I'm married to a good man who has a horrific battle of a chronic disease for over 5+ yrs, am in my mid-30s & now more than ever before have seemed to need the attention of approval of the opposite sex to feel anything positive. I don't know how to break the cycle. I have definitely become addicted to social media & am not proud of the 'selfie' world I've recently entered since getting back into shape & losing quite a bit of weight. I'm very active, I'm currently successfully working on strengthening female friendships, speaking more honestly w/my husband about our situation & yet on a regular basis I still feel empty w/an intense need to feel desirable. I have no idea how to just "be enough" w/out attention seeking behaviors. Ideas?

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