People have passions, they have hobbies. But I'm not sure that many children are willing to discuss what excites them with an adult. Parents and schools insist that children follow a set path, say the right things, do what is expected. Children learn fast that they need to watch their words before speaking lest they cause themselves significant trouble.

A child may enjoy taking pictures of themselves and posting them on Facebook, which is a hobby. But adults are liable to call that narcissism. Children might enjoy exploring new neighborhoods on their bicycles, but adults might feel they are setting themselves up to be captured by a predator. Kids might enjoy creating twitter posts, but adults will see that as a big waste of time rather than a creative writing exercise.

If I were a child asked by an adult about my passions I'd keep my mouth firmly shut.

On a side note: I'm an adult with many hobbies and many other adults have lots to say about my hobbies considering them all a giant waste of time, especially my family members.

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