My partner isn't a narcissist, but he is very fragile when it comes to any criticism about him. It just takes a minimum of an hour for anything I express to sink into his mind and for him to bring it back up in a non-defensive way. I'm still learning how to more productively express my negative emotions, so it is most definitely not only him! But, I'm worried that, even if I employ these techniques in our communication, I'll still be met with defensiveness. Is there anything I can do?

Side question (which, if it's not answered, I won't mind): how to I respond to relationship advice that I don't think is really very helpful..? My mom is convinced she knows how I need to treat him, and while she is more wise than I am, she doesn't like my partner and it shows when she tells me how to handle our conflicts.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read and consider a response!

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