Great post - I love the ideas outlined here. In particular, I've found that increasing my own capacity to release judgment of others has helped me release it for myself. There's so much unnecessary pain that happens when we judge anything. When we're judging, we're demonstrating that we're attached to something (a particular belief or world view, for instance), and if we're attached, we're closed off and even resistant. However, if we're open and unattached and nonjudgmental, we can see things more how they really are and have a healthier perspective.

I also agree that we have to lean into our emotions and feel them all. It's important to honor them (without giving them unhealthy power or wallowing in them) and allow them to play out long enough to see what information they contain. If there's an emotion, there's information; we'd be wise to listen and learn.

Thanks, Barb - excited to read more about ACT!