I love the sunset mind idea! :-) You're right, no one judges a sunset and finds them wanting. If it's pretty, you look, and if it's not, you go back to whatever you were doing without criticizing the sky.

However, on the last point, I have some disagreement. I can see the value of emotions as you point it out, guilt for doing something wrong is appropriate. However, there's also lots of very strong emotions that can be felt for no good reason, and don't serve any purpose. It's effing annoying!! Does anyone really need, say, a strong emotional reaction to a damned commercial? Intense shame over trivial issues? A quivering voice because you're talking to a roomful of people instead of just one? And why sometimes, but not other times, even with the same group? And what is the point of being awash in *other people's emotions*? I went to a wedding reception once. I didn't know anyone well, just some acquaintances, and was relaxed and happy when I got there. There was such a toxic stew of intense emotions swirling around in there that I had to leave. WTF is THAT about? I want a regulator to keep them out of the extremes.