My daughter is a functioning psychopath but she does not condone bad behavior by others like her. She truly has no empathy or care for others but she chooses right from wrong every single time. Reading the post you responded to made me think that *could be my daughter posting.

What has angered me most since learning about my daughter was that there is such a narrow minded view of people with her issue. It's a HUGE issue and any functioning psychopathic children surfing the internet see only that they are doomed to be these horrible people. It may be true in the majority of cases but not every one.

I remember banging my head teaching my child right from wrong from toddlerhood on. She was not my first child so I am well aware of the stubbornness some children have but what she went through was well beyond anything I had ever encountered. She had a complete inability to grasp how others might feel. I won't get into the details of the long road we've traveled to see her to age 18 but it was a learning experience for us all. When she was 12 and the truth came out she told me "I'm not stupid. I've read everything I can find on my problem. There is NO hope for me." She is super intelligent and I didn't doubt that she had read everything available but it angered me that not one place or person left any room for hope. Perhaps she will have this for life without hope for improvement but to read over and over that she is destined to be a vile and despicable person who will willingly hurt others? Deplorable.

Does she feel and care? No, not really. I won't kid myself. Did I do her a good turn by recognizing that there was something wrong with my child and dealing with it consistently day after day without corporal punishment? Probably. From thinking she was in the autistic spectrum to possible ODD and every possibility that didn't fit I continued to treat her respectfully, punish logically when necessary and continued to teach and explain day after day after day why something was wrong, what made something right and taught her how actions made others feel even if she were unable to feel that herself.

I've seen my child puzzled over emotions She had no idea that emotions can and do have real physical manifestations. She had no idea what butterflies in the stomach meant and couldn't fathom someone feeling guilty for eating the last cookie, for instance. She had no idea that when people talk about feeling like they're heart is breaking that it is often accompanied by pains in the chest area. She doesn't cry or feel bad when a pet dies but at the same time she is in charge of their food and takes excellent care of them. Animals fascinate her because they feel love and loyalty and emotions that she can't seem to produce herself. Her chosen profession? To be a veterinarian. Why? Because she thinks she can use her lack of emotions to make rational decisions for animals in need and not be burdened by the cloudy thinking emotions can produce. How does she know emotions can cloud your thinking? Because mom and dad taught her that.

I also taught her that just because you can doesn't mean you should. My daughter fights a battle but she is doing it every single day. She is taking her ability to mimic others and using it for the good of everyone. She is making that choice. It can be done. Had I treated her unfairly or abused her as she grew up this might not be the case but I showed her with my actions, her whole family did, how to act right and we helped her map this world of emotions that is so alien to her.

To the original poster who understands they are a psychopath. Keep on keeping on. You're not alone and I am proud of you for making the right decisions.

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