At first was quite excited. Looked like someone understood. Then went to comments. Reinforced logical reasoning stating your acceptance of me is conditional. My integration into society is conditional. I could do very good for you simply because logic dictates my life is easier if you are happy. Yes eventually this means ill get bored, but you know what, thats why we have sport. Why not let us kill (even figuratively) each other? We would gladly fight each other. We would even feel better about being able to get out the aggression on one of us rather then one of you. It would be more fun and fighting one of our own would eliminate the bit of reinforcing hurting one of you gives to the reality of our being different.

It really is irrelevant. You either listen to what was suggested in the article and learn to utilize us in a way acknowledging our capabilities or we will use them for our own good to control you.

The logic is to simple to be denied and we are usually physically superior to the majority of you so we really cant be stopped. Even if the person writing this does nothing in his lifetime, psychopathy as a part of the human condition, a logical conclusion based on your conditional acceptance, will be what brings about the end of the human race. Barring natural events..

Accept us or we will kill everyone. There is simply no reason not too.

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