Maybe in part what we're seeing is the result of having built important ('over-learned') neural pathways, as with limbs . We've grown *new* appendages, effectively, as they become literally attached 24/7. If lost, the 'phantom device' is 'recalled' as if still 'connected', triggered by memory or waywardly firing neurons. (i-Pavlovian conditioning?)

For some reason (perhaps seeing some cute dog videos recently) I'm reminded of when I was shown an alpha-male German Shepherd in Northern Spain who invariably would 'run in his sleep', pretty dramatically churning his legs and seemingly content in a sweet dream of pursuit, seeking the bone (or small animal) of his dreams.

Interesting. I guess we vary both generationally (as you highlight) and in this case, life-style wise, in terms of our being pre-wired and alert for vibration - hopefully Good Vibrations!