Wow! I feel like asking how you know my life. This story is exactly like mine it's kinda scary. I almost wanna ask if your recalling a past relationship with my fiancee Cuz I can totally see him being that way with any female not just me. Let me explain why. My name isn't Tammy but my fiancee is named Rory. (He did talk to a Tammy at one time though). The differences with the Tammy in the story and I are the routes we took in our lives. I am a mom and do the housewife thing and I grew up rough. I had issues with my father though. The only difference with the Rory and my Rory is that he lived with his mom and younger Brother and sister. Rest is dead on. We been on and off four about 8 years now trying to stay on this time. Its been dysfunctional and rocky. There were mistakes made on both ends and we broke up a lot except neither one of us could go more then 30days without trying to communicate again. We are doing our best to change those behaviors and its been rough. I think we will finally make it though. Thank you for the insight