Where do you think all this came from?

Mass compulsory schooling is an unprecedented social experiment less than 120 years old. The entire history of human kind, human technology and human being was created by children who learn.

Human development is the object of the exercise. Education is but a tool by comparison.

Compulsory schooling reduces the child; invades and fragments the family; and forces the parent to betray the child to the institution.

Day prison, tyranny, betrayal of the child to the institution. There is no more pernicious or malignant force in American society than compulsory schooling and the predators within who prosper by feeding upon the enslavement of American children.

Dare we awake to the horror and shame that we wrought upon the American child?

How much smarter, creative and honorable would these children be if they were not betrayed to the incarcerations and reduction of compulsory schooling?