I believe that one of the reasons that kids are compelled to attend school is not to help them develop talents but to reform the child into a cog for our machine. I have 3 children all of whom are individual in their learning styles and strengths. That being said, it's up to us as parents to help our children learn their gifts. Public education is failing on that front. Most of my career guidance classes in public school were focused not on discovering our unique talents but in homogenizing. The prison analogy of public school is quite apt. I face legal consequences if I choose to keep my children home. My kids have all encountered teachers who are for lack of a better word tyrannical bullies. I'm single, so I must help with all three kids homework, cook breakfast and dinner, wash clothes, clean the house, pay the bills and work full time to do so. Maybe the fact we don't let our kids quit is because so often, the consequences for quitting anything we're doing to support the family are so dire we feel that we CANNOT quit either. Like this; "If I must work daily to support you junior, you can't quit school!"

If we want to teach our children freedom, one thing that will help them is showing them how to plan for the day you quit. That is, have a new job or place to live lined up BEFORE you quit. I've done the cold-turkey job hunt and it SUCKS!