I love this way of turning "quitter" upside down. Have you checked out Walk Out Walk On website? The title came from a movement in India involving high school students leaving school. They didn't like the bad connotations "drop out" had, so they used the term Walk Out...the Walk On comes from walking on to Life and the Future.

School was torture to me. I tried to go, but remember in about 8th grade, I just couldn't go anymore. I would walk to school, and as the school came into sight the lump in my throat grew and grew, it felt soooo much like prison to me. SOmetimes I would have a panic attack and run home in tear.

They would try to send a truancy officer to walk me to school, but I often just left school after it started. They threatened to put my mom in prison, but luckily I turned 16 in time and was aloud to drop out legally. I am sooo glad I did. I eventually received my MA, but without the coercion, and on my time.

And now, I am a single parent of a 6 year old. She attends an independent study charter school that offers optional on campus classes and meetings. As a single parent I was thinking I should send her to regular school, cause I am single, and society says single parents should be out working full-time, with their child in school and daycare...but I came to my senses when my daughter said no. I realized I have to honor that, even if she is six, she deserves the right to choose. And the truth is that I can't imagine a better life if I were working outside of the house 40 hours a week. I have three jobs I can do from home, as a freelancer. I worked a long time to be in this situation.

And if she ever starts full-time school, I will always give her the option to quit. And if homeschooling became illegal in the US, I would move somewhere that it wasn't.