Mr. Wallace,

I agree with your findings one hundred percent. Teens nowadays find any reason to throw a party and have a good time. This goes along with automobile impairments peaking around holidays. Even though there are major holidays that teens celebrate, there is always a birthday party for someone. Thus making a possibility for teens to use drugs or alcohol just about every weekend. If teens are going to take part in these activities, they should at least be responsible by making sure they have a dependable ride home, or never even leave the premises.
A major influence on teen's activities are the parents. In my opinion, a lot of the time the parents are the enablers. Typically they are aware of the actions their teen children are doing, and they seem to have no consequence for them. Without punishment, teens may never understand the significance of their actions until it may be too late.
Overall, I am surprised by some of the staggering statistics such as the number of possible impaired adolescent drivers on the road at any given time. Other statistics I am not surprised at all about. For instance, when teens say the drugs or alcohol either doesn't affect them, or even that it helps limit their distractions. I myself see this too many times firsthand. I found your article very intriguing and interesting. Keep up the research!
-William S.