I once went for a job interview dressed as I usually did for work (custom made air force blue wool gabardine suit, discreet white gold jewellery, navy leather shoes and handbag, minimal but expertly applied makeup, flattering short haircut) and the head of personnel's first question to me was, "What are you doing here?!" I was flabbergasted. She had my resume and letter of application in front of her (I was a corporate legal secretary). Her view of legal secretaries was miles removed from mine! I was dressed like the female lawyers in the firm, but that was the way I always dressed. I liked looking professional, I liked looking like I knew what I was doing. I think it's only polite to be as well-groomed and well dressed as you can afford to be. My mother tailored my work clothes so I was fortunate that my suits and dresses always fit perfectly. She was a professional level seamstress so nothing I wore ever looked homemade. We both know quality fabric and that's what I invested in. I had health and financial issues that kept me from completing university but didn't stop me from learning a skill or how to dress well. Your studies revealed just how strongly one's clothes and grooming influence the perceiver's judgement, even when they have prior knowledge of someone's purpose. Astonishing!

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