I read this article to gain some insight into why people make snap judgements based on my attire. This article merely states that people make snap judgements based on attire, most people already know this. The question I wanted answered was why.

Nothing is said about the possibilities of whether these judgements are based on a desire to separate into cliques the 'us vs them' mentality. Is it an evolutionary mechanism? the ability to quickly discern friend vs foe? Is it an ability to discern wealth? Intelligence? If the answer is yes then why is it valuable? when did people find it necessary and valuable to be able to gather so much information from a glance? What parts of the brain light up when these tests were being done? Are people able to identify when they are intentionally being misled based on someones manner of dress? If I'm indeed sending the wrong message what can I do to make my intentions and the message of my clothing more harmonious?

This article leaves out a lot of information that would have been salient based on the title.

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