I taught for few years in a country small high school. In the area some people don’t like “city people” and some students verbalized their negative impression to some few teacher that dress like “city people” (more formal attires). I used to live in a several million people city, at the beginning I used to wear very formal and professional clothing; I was treated very distant from my colleagues, so I had to begin to dress very causal like the rest of them. Also, students know the quality of the clothing, and they label other students (especially girls): Wal-Mart, K-Mart, Macy’s students. etc., and I saw several fights because of the offensive remarks based on the kinds of clothing they were wearing; they use some very negative words according to how much revealing were the clothing that some girls used to wear; at the end the school decided to impose the police of uniforms and this problem improved a lot. So, the clothing and image go parallel since some people are very young, they can distingue the quality, and the brands of the clothing (I believe they learn from their parents), other people behavior change according to the clothing they are wearing or how they are perceive by others. How a person dress can tell us how neat he or she is, but not too much more; somebody appearance can deceive us.

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