I like the idea of sexual responsibility and "sex sells" to educate people. We started sex ed when my daughter was an infant. Some of my associates are offended by the concept. But I believed talking honestly about our bodies was the first step. Once she started physically maturing we added social awareness. I had to point out that men were looking at her different and she needs to be aware of her surroundings. When she did ask me as a teenager to help her decide on contraception I was scared but proud. It let me know that being honest brought her back for inofrmation we could, together, explore the best options for her. And I could correct some of the mis information given by her peers. (people still belive having sex standing or while menstruating prevents pregnancy?!?) And it gave me the opportunity to emphasize responsiblity and respect and risk. I do think many parents need not only tools to talk about sex with their kids but also accurate information. sexual misinformation is still epidemic.