I grew up with a mother who has Munchhausen by Proxy. She's truly narcissistic and psychopathic. I had a sibling who is eight years younger and she's the sick one. I was aloud to be healthy once she was born. I'm sure my sister was born 100% healthy but at this point she suffers from "seizures" and though she's 30 she acts, dresses and sounds like she's maybe 11 to 14. My mother alienated us from my father by accusing him of sexual, mental and physical abuse and gaining a divorce. We were constantly moved from place to place. She would cultivate "friendships" for this use and then drop those people after accusing them of horrible things. When I got married and sufficiently independent of her I cut off all contact since my mother was accusing my husband of infidelity, sexual abuse towards our daughters (who was 2.5, 16mo and newborn) and of abusing me mental. Her lies were huge and poisonous. I kept bailing her out financially and even from jail a couple of times. It's been two years and I still struggle with PTSD, anxiety, depression (both classic and manic in nature). It's not every day but it flares up when I find that she has tried to contact us or friends of ours. I wonder when the struggle gets toughest if I will ever end. If I will ever get over fearing her. Most days I don't think of it and life is good but even then I wonder if I will ever see my sister again and if she can ever be OK and healthy.

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