It was my belief that Travis and Jodi dated exclusively for only a few months in 2007. After that, they broke up and both saw others yet continued a sexual relationship. Both were fully aware there was no commitment on either side. Jodi speaks of the other women in her diary and referenced Mimi Hall by name in it, knowing Travis' interest in her.

The turning point was Travis ending the "booty call", or at least attempting to. I liken it to someone deciding they're finally going to lose weight and ridding their home of all fattening foods, only to have someone come home with a giant chocolate cake or a huge plate of cheese laden nacho's...the temptation is overwhelming so they give in, determined they'll go back on their diet tomorrow.

I think Travis desperately wanted to end the cycle he was in with Jodi but, his physical attraction to her, her willingness to play out every male fantasy conceivable and, her close proximity to him made it very difficult. He was relieved when she decided to move back to Ca.

Mimi had made it clear to Travis she would go on the Cancun trip with him only as friends, that she wasn't interested in him in "that way". Travis agreed to this but I think fear set in for Jodi, that if Travis and Mimi had this time together in Cancun that Mimi would come around and Travis would win her over. Since Jodi and Travis openly discussed others they were dating, he may have said something to her about hoping to win Mimi's heart on the trip.

I think Jodi went over there, with the intention of changing Travis' mind about taking Mimi. When that didn't work, all the visions she'd conjured up in her head and stewed over, picturing Travis and Mimi falling in love in Cancun, rushed in and she killed him. It may not have been premeditated in the sense that she left CA thinking "I'm going to Travis' and I'm going to kill him", if that were the case she could have easily killed him while he was sleeping. But I do think it was premeditated in the sense of "If I can't stop Travis from going on this trip, it's all going to be over for us so I'd rather he be dead".

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