To paraphrase Marcus Aurelius, "look things in the face and know them for what they are." Reading the article was a little scarey? Well, for good reason. Reality sometimes is frightening, and a lot of us don't want to know abut it. We all assume the bad stuff is going to happen to "someone else," and when we are reminded it can happen to US, some people get their feathers ruffled. I did not find this post to be fear-mongering; in fact, as I am reading the book, I am finding it very reassuring to know how common the problems are AND what I can do about many of them. Having worked myself in a hospital, I know MOST of the care providers are very well intentioned. But some are incompetent. And I know the system is badly broken, and the care providers are working often, often, under conditions I consider absolutely unconscionable and unacceptable. And yet, they soldier on. But having been also on the butt end of the mistakes, I am grateful for some doctors speaking up and trying to open our eyes to the issues, AND providing some remedies. Kudos to Wen and Kosowsky for the book and their efforts.

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