OMG, did I write this in a former life. Re: people who complain about the weather (too hot unless it is too cold), it is difficult to choke back the desire to smack them upside the head. However, I feel that way about most people most of the time (like when you are on a plane, and the moment it pulls up to the gate, everyone just pops up. I want to yell "Hey A$$holes. You ain't going anywhere so sit the F down!!!"

The part about never talking about yourself (this especially true at work) because you do not want to reveal things that can be used against you is absolutely true in this uber cut throat coroporate BS world we live in. I remember my parents generation where work actually did somewhat resemble the Mary Tyler Moore show, but not anymore.

People who trust everybody unconditionally are generally people who are naïve and not a good judge of people. I have seen co-workers stabbed in the back and it is the norm, rather than the exception. So please.

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