My supervisor was a female about 6 years younger than myself. For some reason she had some sick seemingly uncontrollable reason or desire to attack me verbally. I used to all her the human flame thrower. She never, and I do mean never had a decent thing to say. Every communication about any project, of which there were 100's, was negative, smart aleck, disrespectful, and downright insane. I filed grievances against her, she dropped down a notch or two with the firey verbal assaults, but I knew in time, she'd be back spewing rage, and she was. I literally could not sleep at night thinking about it. Days at work I'd head out on a project, she fire one or two smart aleck remarks at me, and I'd be so stunned, so angry, that I'd ride around on purpose for 3-4 hours trying to analyze, understand, or make sense of what in the heck is going on here. Finally I saw an opening, for surgery on the knee, and milk the leave for months, and I did, just to get away from her. I actually thought that the day would come that I'd not be able to take it and either say something really ugly to her, or possibly push her at which point I'd be both fired and arrested. How many times can you kick a dog before it get's tired of it and bites you? There are no words I know how to describe how raw this woman rubbed me. I turned her in, but it did no good. I took one year off on leave w/o pay , which cost me dearly, and damaged retirement income. Now I just filed for retirement. I sent her a message with a simple form for her to fill out, and true to form, she sent a flaming verbal response and that's when I said, "that's it, I'm gone". If I had the money I'd sue her for harassment, slander, costing me my job, and believe me there's plenty more I could get her on. There are about 15 people I spoke with who work there and they all state she's a "b****" and always has. I think something bad must have happened to her when she was a kid. This isn't over, I'm filing a report with about 5 organizations to get her attention that she can't harass employees like that and think it's okay. We take mandatory classes every year to train against these things.