Emotional intimacy is what a man requires from his wife/woman. Unfortunately, it seems like everything I read regarding the matter, it is the man who is lacking and the woman who has unrequited needs of her man. Were it reversed, as it is in my case, I am on my own. This is the bond I need from my wife—the intensely personal intimacy at the emotional level. Physical intimacy is easy for men and very different from what women perceive. The emotional intimacy process is like peeling back the skin of an onion one layer at a time. That I understand. So it can start with conversations exploring each other's feelings that become progressively personal over time and respects each other’s comfort level. It gets intensely personal, intimate and scary. But that is love. Not television or a romance novel. It will not happen, if at all, overnight. It is scary to lay your soul bare to another. Damn Risky. But after being there and experiencing the intense pleasure and pain, nothing else can compare or come close. How can anyone settle for less after experiencing the total fulfillment of loving another? Nothing else, or ever will, comes close. You are even bitterer if you restrict your heart from ever going there again.
The point is your heart knows—whether you like it or not. My heart knew she would hurt me. But it did not stop me from loving her. She would have destroyed me had I married her. But my wife and I have never been able to communicate/Bond the way she and I did. My wife actually told me I was tripping when I tried to initiate conversations about how we felt about each other. I married her still. I believe she interpreted physical intimacy as no different from emotional intimacy. But she was emotionally immature. We were in two different worlds then. And she never understood that her man has emotional needs too. It seems women are conditioned to believe that men have little or no or even trivial emotional needs compared to their spouses. This is very hurtful. We are tasked to provide you all the emotional intimacies you are entitled to while you believe ours are satisfied by fucking. Communication is two-way. And you tear our hearts apart by demanding from your man what you are unwilling to give because you believe men are simple unemotional, unfeeling creatures with simple trivial needs that you met years ago by giving us all the sex we wanted. You know because you can read our minds by looking in our face. All you have is the here-an-now--the Present.
Your Heart always tells you the truth. It is your decision whether or not to listen. It will not lie. But you will lie to yourself--and blame everybody, everything, every circumstance, and every situation--when you choose not to. Guard your heart because it affects everything you do. You control You—how you feel about you. Others can only influence You.

I am willing to risk getting burned again because it is worth it.


Two phrases come to mind for me that sums my feelings.

Dance like no one’s watching
Love like you've never been hurt.
I apologize if this reads jumbled. Interpret as you may. But men have a heart you need to touch. If you love him you better go there. He will never be yours if you don’t.

‘Nuff said.

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