What a bunch of lofty, abstract and meaningless drivel. I'm sorry but you're probably living in a delusion. Your wife is probably sleeping with someone else in your absence while you believe your own rambling "War and Peace" diatribe. She'll pretend she misses the hell out of you so that you'll believe it to be true. She knows that keeps you in the dark about her probable affair. Long distance almost always ends in betrayal.

What you're missing is that the world does not care about your rambling and lofty philosophy. "I am what I am". Friend, nobody out there cares who you are, much less about your droning-on manifesto of a post.

Have a friend back home secretly keep tabs on your wife. You'll find she is using this distance to deceive and betray you. I hope I am wrong but I usually am not about things of this nature. Good luck to you.

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