I am enjoying your ongoing posts about breastfeeding, sleep and normal expectations for infant behavior.

As a mother of three and a Lactation Consultant, I find myself nodding in agreement to virtually everything you post.

It's a difficult uphill climb when a client has been happily nursing her baby to sleep with no difficulty and someone, a doctor, a nurse, her mother, her mother in law, a sister or friend starts to tell her that this amazing, natural and comforting way to get her baby to sleep is 'abnormal' and that she'll "be sorry later if you don't teach that baby to sleep on her own." As you said, kids WILL sleep when they need to, and there is no reason to stop nursing babies or even toddler to sleep if that's what makes them happy.

All my kids learned to fall asleep on their own, in their own time, (even if it was well after the "six weeks of age" that so many "sleep trainers" seem to think is normal) and they all weaned, too! I often let clients know all this was done without force and by giving the babies what they needed until they outgrew the need.)

It's a strong mother who can say no to the Forces of Darkness :) who tell her her baby needs to "self soothe" when we know that soothing small children is one of the basic jobs of parenting.

Getting the word out that the instinct to comfort our young is normal and healthy is very important.

Thank you for all you are doing.