I played it safe, I wore leopard leggings and matching leopard scarf at the one workplace where I got fired --- someone in the lunchroom snitched on me; I didn't even know I broke any rules...I just started the job -- and I was being myself. Anyway, the HR woman called me into her office and gave me half an hour of tongue lashing for the breach, and asked me to refer to my employee handbook for company policies. I kid you not. She was gracious enough to not send me home to change.

Apparently that company is very conservative and very conforming with strict policies on virtually everything, such as -- no open toe dress shoes, jewellery must be simple (ie. you can't pair two necklaces together), your desk can't look like you are working too hard or have too much work to do --- it must be cleared of obvious work (the CEO walks around and checks your housekeeping...i'm serious; i broke too many rules there!); the receptionist keenly marks down when you leave the building for lunch and when you return; and it appears that when you send out email you must rank the names of recipients in the order of their status in the company -- even co-workers...and at lunch time you must sit where you are "ranked"...so i got stuck with the loud and obnoxious bunch...later moved to the quieter end. AND most important of all, YOU MUST support and kiss the ground of the loudest and demeaning co-worker on your team in order to be successful at your job.