It's refreshing to see an article like this and not just hear the excuse; "just blame it on patriarchy, it's the only problem anyway". It's also reassuring to hear that very few men are actually indeed priveleged. As a side note, I don't think it's all that upbuilding to be attacking Born2befree like this. Granted, she said something that we all can take offense too, but she explained and apologized for saying it later on after realizing more of the facts. If you ask me, she's one of those people you can actually talk to and expect to listen. I also agree with her point about staying away from MRA sights. With the exception of The Good Men Project, all of the MRA sites I've seen have been full of utter BS. That's not to say they didn't have some interesting things in them to be sure, but most of the time, it had stuff that makes you go to your toilet to find something better to look at. One last thing, to the woman with the son and daughter, while it disturbs me, I thought it interesting that you stated too many people confuse patriarchy with feminism. I'm not gonna' disagree with your statement (although it is touchy) I have to say you make some valid points and show a level of respect quite uncommon these days. By men OR women. Especially in places like these.

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