My idea of "modern equality" is one where neither party exist to serve the other, where no gender role is forced on someone who do not accept that role.

I might "attack" (?) people who themselves oppose this eqality, yes. People who seem to think that equality, women's rights and feminism should be of less concern than what is preferable to men.

And one of the things I have found is that the people who oppose women-as-equals the most tend to be people with an unmet need to control women - that is where that "comes from".

What I interpreted as you having an issue with women - was your tirade against the female sex - attacking feminists, single mothers, women teachers, etc. etc. This should have been obvious.

And "male adaptation" - is simply a sum-up of what I consider the underlying problem, not a "shaming tactic". Adapting might be impossible, since I think the issue is genetic, but it will likely go extinct now that women are more independent - it's not just that they are selected away; many of the men with this "rigging" will likely not be able to or even want to reproduce with women they can't feel in control over.

As a counter question, you claim society is "taken over" by us evil feminists... I wonder what kind of society you actually want?

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