I read your article & agree with every word. I have a specific problem I am unable to reconcile. Perhaps you can hel or offer a suggestion. We have 4 inside outside dogs. We have horses & stables. My problem seems unsolvable. When my husband cleans the stables he throws the manure in a part of the front yard the dogs have access to. Like dogs do, they eat it, roll in it, walk in it & yes come back in the house. They have manure on them, roll on the floor, lay on the couch & bed. I am constantly cleaning this up. Constantly. I vacuum once or twice a day, sometimes more. I mop with soapy bleach water seems like all day long. I have asked my husband to not throw the manure in the front yard & explained to him why at least 4 times, I'm sure it has been more than that. It's not like the dogs Have to go in the front yard, we have a very large back yard that does not have manure in it. I have asked him not to let the dogs in the front yard & explained to him that it is terribly nasty to have manure in our house & I work constantly trying to clean it up but he continues to do so. I have put a wheelbarrow by the stables for him to put the manure in but instead he throws it in the yard & then lets the dogs out in the front yard. His excuse is it's easier to do that when it's cold but to me it is unsanitary beyond belief & causes me unnecessary, unending work; needless to say worrying about germs & diseases. This makes me feel like he doesn't care how much work he causes me, he discounts germs & diseases from manure. It makes me feel like he does not respect me or my concerns, or the amount of work it causes me at all. I have Celiac disease & am immune suppressed. In addition I have severe arthritis, severe fibromyalgia, & terrible back problems making it difficult for me to do all the work cleaning it up constantly. I feel so helpless about this sometimes I just sit down & cry. I need your advise as to how to handle this dilemma before I go crazy

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