PCL-R scores vary from empath through psychopath. MBTI types vary, from empathic to selfish. Big 5 scores vary... Enneagram scores vary... Every type of temperament testing suggests gradiation, and not a sudden drop to psychopathy.

I would need to see evidence of the stark difference between processing for normal and psychopath, with no gray area possible in between. My real life experiences do not support this. When people are ‘quasi evil’, and I do not see an environmental factor which could cause this, it could only be genetic.

Are you familiar with the Russian fox experiment? Explain why there isn’t a sudden drop between wild and tame subjects. Psychopathy is simply human 'wildness'.

Everybody has a psychopath inside them. It is restrained by social emotions and culture. The same people who ruthlessly butchered British monks with little remorse, are 1000 years later, mostly known for lutefisk and floppy hats. Yet they are genetically identical.

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