Morning, Jack.

You know, what I have found is that fear often keeps us at the surface and in superficial conversations. Maybe it's like learning how to swim. It's easy to splash around in the shallow end because it's fun. Start going into the deep end...or get out of the pool entirely and walk into the ocean, though,...and the need for vigilance and self awareness spikes tremendously in order to survive.

When you mentioned the lack of intelligent conversation in your area (and often in mine), I would probably say that fear is much more prevalent in our society and it keeps people in the shallow end. I have my own fears for sure, as I don't think I'd ever be a steel erector building a skyscraper, for example.

I've had to go very deeply into my own mind over the last several years, though, because that was the fear that was hindering my survival. Like a fully packed and cluttered garage, I've had to take everything out of it, throw out a whole lot of it, and rebuild my thought processes one conversation at a time. A lot of those conversations were between me and the computer screen, but a lot of them were also with people such as yourself, so thanks very much for your presence here.

One of the critical things I stumbled upon along the way is what appears to be a recipe for earning respect. It fits with both the concept of making a successful sale and the acronym S.A.L.E. People fool themselves into thinking that having lots of money means your successful, but when it comes down to true success, the ability to Struggle, Adapt, Learn, and Evolve seems to easily trump wealth. I think it's where the concept of the underdog comes from.

I gather that you have been through a bit of your own struggles as well, which is probably why we get along well. I think if I were to have a religious symbol that I carried around with me, it would probably be the earth ground symbol used in electrical engineering. It's always good to be grounded :).

Anyways...enjoy the rest of the weekend.


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