Hey Jack,

A couple questions for you if you don't mind....

I see psychopathy as a bandwidth of human cognition that, like any other bandwidth, has its definite positives and negatives. On the negative side, I suppose, we have all seen movies where the bad guys come together as evil villains and wreak all sorts of havoc, but could there be a positive use for assembling many of them together as a group of experts....either on psychopathy itself or on a wide variety of other skill sets or backgrounds? If someone were to say, for example, "hey guys, we could really use a group of psychopaths to help us figure this out," what subject matters could they be talking about?

I say this because I believe neither in the Presumption of Innocence (our criminal justice system), nor the Presumption of Guilt (as assumed in the Doctrine of Original Sin), but rather the Presumption of Capacity. We all have the capacity to harm or help the world around us, and there are a great many factors that will influence us in either direction. It is by no means an anarchist statement opposing our laws or lawmakers, but merely a realization that an alternate approach to human behavior may simply be much more efficient.

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