What does the possibility that psychopathy is genetic say about human nature? Psychopathy is nothing new to the human race the problem is that with the onset of psychoanalysis, we have lied to all of society by claiming that all things are treatable or curable or controllable if we all just try to understand. Well, how’s it working out? The DSM gets thicker every year and we get many new diagnoses, too but there’s one very large factor the psychology field has seemingly removed from society, although this is only because you have forced society to PRETEND it is not real. What is it? EVIL. Paraphrasing Os Guinniess from one of his books, “Denying that evil exists doesn’t make it go away, but rather,gives it free reign.” So while those of us who have a conscience and who were raised up on the lie that every person is born with one, well, you in your field have successfully taken away our innate and natural defenses against evil. We have been successfully trained to deny the invaluable gifts such as fear and revulsion towards repulsive behavior, and also told to accept every behavior in others as okay. That it was because of abuse that all commit crimes, and that we were all born as a blank slate so it was our responsibility and our fault (other humans) if we didn’t fill this slate with good things. We now know this is NOT true as we are all born with inherent temperaments and much of our brains wiring is already set. And many who commit crimes have not been abused and many who were abused are the kindest, most loving people. The problem is always that when you lie to people, it destroys everyone INCLUDING those who thought they’d be able to control others with lies.

So now that we KNOW that psychopathy is a genetic/chromosomal trait, you’ve backed us all into a corner. The psychopaths are prevalent and if you look at it through eyes that aren’t forced to believe the lies and the statistics quoted (and keep in mind, there have never been any empirical studies done to test to see how many psychopaths are out there, all the stats are guesses) you will see that MOST people are psychopaths. Certainly those who are famous and who WANTED to be famous and even most the people you see every day.

You ask if they should be held responsible for their behavior. OF COURSE! As one expert pointed out, when they are charming their potential victim they can somehow maintain their disguise, so they obviously do have control. But if they don’t want to pay the dues that an organized society has, such as punishment for those who commit certain crimes, then they also don’t get the privileges and protection that go along with a society either. As a smarter person put it, “Having the freedom to do whatever you want to do, whenever you want to do it isn’t freedom, its anarchy.” And if you’ve ever been to a place where anarchy reigns, you know it is NOT a good place to be.

You know very well there is nothing “abnormal” with the brain of a psychopath in the sense that when a person is born as a psychopath, this is how their brain functions. As with other chromosomal differences there are certain things we know come with that chromosomal variance. Again, we’ve lied to everyone but the lie has not transformed itself into the truth, as it never does. So now some of you realize the extent to which humanity has destroyed itself by saying that if all were good and well-behaved there would be world peace. The results are now we have billions of socialized psychopaths who are externally the most rational, normal-appearing human beings, but who internally are a big ball or envy, hatred, greed and anger. These people were BORN this way and they LOVE what they are (if they were able to admit it publically and not be deterred by societal restrictions they would love to brag about all the evil they think about and also the evil they’ve carried out). And if one is a psychopath that means they have no conscience, so are unable to feel empathy for others, but really, they don’t even see others as anything but things to be manipulated. So as to the DEGREES of it, you know the answer is no. The differences between them are the same as for the non-psychopaths, different personalities display in different ways. Some are loud, some are quiet, some are violent, and some are wild etc.

We always want to BLAME someone but have you noticed that we rarely BLAME the offender? We have become a society that SAYS we DON’T blame but what we really do is blame those AROUND the psychopath because on some level we know that the psychopath will never take the blame. So we doubly burden the shame and guilt of those few left who CAN feel these emotions. People like you ask for help from those who have a conscience, NOT because you really want to help US, but because you have no insight yourselves and need to find out what we think and what we are willing to put up with. Time will tell.

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