Thank you very much Mr. Bergland for your very useful article for the world.

Yes, meditation is one of the effective ways of reducing and even removing stress and depression. I practice vipassana meditation regularly and adapt it to meet my specific needs as you are doing.

However, I need something else from your own experiences in relation to religions. On one hand, people say that religions are the most dangerous sources for all mental illnesses. On the other hand, other people tell us that religions are the valuable sources for happiness, serenity, peaceful mind, calm mood, sisterhood, friendship, a friendly planet, and longevity.

However, in my opinion based on my own observations and experiences, religions have double function, namely, they can make us free of stress and depression, and, the other way round, they can become the sources of stress, depression, harmfully aggressive behaviors such as war, terrorism and dangerous intolerance.

I hope you could share your views with us all concerning this relevant issue in our contemporary world. Thanks.

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