Thank you for your article. When stressed it is can be a chicken and egg situation, you know your stressed so you isolate yourself even more, either because you are embarrassed or because you treat people unfairly and just know that they are not enjoying your company. And of course this causes more stress. So often when people are stressed they feel numb and helpless. The simple steps that you suggest are excellent, whatever we do, and however we do it, it is the 'doing' that helps to reduce stress.

Yes, of course, there are other reasons for cortisol levels going up, but once physical investigations have been done to rule these out or to bring them to attention and treatment, the steps that you you suggest, (or whatever someone works out for themselves), can do nothing but good, and this would be true even if there were some pathology involved.

Awareness of such simple techniques goes a long way. Thank you again for highlighting this issue.

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