I've help manage the health of someone who cannot produce cortisol as she has CAH. In very brief Cortisol is not the problem. In fact it is the antidote to anxiety. The high cortisol in people who can normally produce cortisol is a response to the true debilitating hormone adrenaline. The without sufficient cortisol in the system an anxiety response is initiated. Simple thought experiment, inject someone with cortisol and see what happens. Now separately inject them with adrenaline, at first they will have an anxiety attack then the body will respond by releasing cortisol to counter the adrenaline. Sorry I've been dealing with the management of a person who has this condition who now has they idea that lowering her cortisol will help her anxiety after reading all these articles. She has exploded and would trust all the work we have done over the years, now trapped in a cyclic anxiety cycle of paranoia. Sorry I don't have more time to answer this question and substantiate my observations. Be wary of what you read. Rely on your own observations.

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