Your dad is more likely to get well from bpd than if he I has a mood disorder. Studies show that time alone can remit the symptoms of bpd and there are several effective treatments out today that will remit the symptoms even faster.

The problem is when people like yourself keep stigmatizing bpd, it makes it hard for people who have it to seek treatment. You are actually propagating the disorder and keeping people who need help from getting it by keeping the stigma alive. This doesn't do anybody any good.

There are millions of people with bpd in the world who don't beat their children. There are so many variations of bpd. Since you don't have a medical degree I think you should leave the diagnosis and criteria to people who do have psychology degrees. I know you are obsessed with cluster B if you lived in a different country they would not call these disorders cluster B nor necessarily link them. Different countries like Sweden for instance have developed effective psychoanalytic therapies.

Why keep the stigma going are really not even helping the families by doing that by keeping people out of treatment. There are effective therapies for bpd.

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