My Dad had BPD, and he was violent to us. I've done some reading about borderline personality disorder and Dad had all the things listed except for making suicide threats or hurting himself. Dad didn't think there was anything wrong with him, he blamed my Mom and my brother and me for making him mad all the time.

Dad did some jail time for domestic violence when my brother and I were kids; he'd scream at Mom and hit her then he'd tear into my brother and me also. We were scared of him. Dad was always accusing Mom of seeing other men and stuff, and other stuff that she didn't do. He'd tell me I'd said things I didn't say and that I was giving him a dirty look to him when I was just doing nothing. I learned (from Mom) that Dad had seen by a psychiatrist while he was in jail, and they said he had borderline personality disorder.

Mom finally left Dad, and Mom and my brother and I are having a calm life now, but I wanted to know more about BPD so I read about it more and have been studying it. Lots of psychiatrists and medical studies are being done now about BPD. Lots of books about it. I mostly liked "Surviving A Borderline Parent" and I got my brother to read it too.

I think it is mostly a mechanical disorder, like the brain wiring is bad, or the brain chemicals are bad.

I read a report about studying people who have BPD that are in prison. I will try to link it here:

it says that BPD represents a pretty high percent in domestic violence cases for both men and women. BPD people have hair-trigger tempers ("unstable" emotions) and high impulsivity (no "brakes") and they feel that others are lying to them and out to trick them or get them ("paranoia") and all that can turn into hitting. Its like they wrote this report about my Dad.

And if BPD people like my Dad also seem to not be able to care about hurting you when they get mad, that all goes together with my Dad hitting us and scaring us to death when he'd get mad. Which happened a lot.

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