My response may be kind of late, but this article really stood out for me. I am a super-introverted person; so much so, that it often times ruins my relationships being that my attraction is to extroverted men. My issue, specifically, in these introvert-extrovert relationships is the failure to communicate. Most couples develop a dependency on one another, needing to talk or text every day or even every hour, however that is not the case for me. As much as my significant other fills my thoughts and is practically always on my mind, I can, often times unknowingly, refrain from speaking to my significant other for an entire week; addressing them only on the weekends. In the beginning this works well, since there really is not much to talk about in the beginning stages yet overtime, it never fails, the man senses distance and immediately begins to seek attention somewhere else. Now I have no magic cure or special skill as to how to solve this issue nor do I think one solution fits all, nevertheless my new approach to this situation was making arragements to maybe see the person throughout the week for lunch or going out to dinner in an effort to show the effection is still there even though I may not express it everyday. Another solution I've tried is giving myself reminders to send casual one way love texts here and there that read: "Hope your having a good day", or "Love you, see you later". Little things that can remind my campanion that I do consider their feelings in spite of my more isolated nature.