Each person, rich or poor, has such rights as a person has and receives such services from government as a person receives. Rich people get less from the government, not poor.
If one student does nothing and gets a D grade and another kid works his tail off, does not party, chooses to do his homework and studies for tests and gets an A, is thasat unfair? Liberal government says it is, and says redistribute gardes so they both get Bs...what a total crock. Poor people get food stamps, housing allowances, free phones, welfare checks, reduced cost products, scholarships, etc from the government. Rich people only get a big tax bill. Say again what's fair? And, the rich support the whole freaking country and pay way way more than their share of the country's income. The rich are getting screwed by freeloaders who are now pandered to by a President who believes one should not have to work for what they have if they are a minority. The country will be the worse for it.
Income inequality exists NOT because the rich are not doing their part. It exists because the poor would rather hang out and get shit from the rich than do their share...
I realize this will attract all kinds of outrage, but it b true.